Sally sells sea shells by the seashore.

So screw Sally, I want some more
See, when I was small had a lisp when I spoke
Not an illness, not a sickness, but affects many folks

Now I’m just a similar simian
Spitting sibilant cinnamon
Sincipital sintering of sinister synonyms
Cynosure speech with a morsel of spice
Not scary, not sporty, a superfluous splice
Of strident consonants in concinnity
Substantiating enunciating capacity

It’s not insipid, it’s incipient
Incessant not insouciant
Incisive versification set to assuage insecurity
Insidious is a lisp, a sound insurgency
Sites and places sneer and smile
As you strive with names and titles
San Francisco, simple suburbs,
Salem, Selma, Sussex: stutters
But I’m stubborn and I’ve studied so I’m stunning
No stumbling, no stultifying, no stunting, and no stumping

I’m a susurrus sorcerer, a spitfire sage
No whistling whispering can me dissuade
My tongue is swimming in silver, it’s inciting success
My speech therapist christened me numismatist
Since I’m coining new syntax, a salubrious sauce
That seasons my syllables with a singular gloss

Customarily silent, but suppression surcease
I’m set to celebrate the ceasing of my celibacy
And so I say to my siblings in a song of ascent
Send impediment like sediment to cemetery sentiment

So so long, see you later, adios, sayonara
It’s a sendoff, not a selloff or a standoff or a scoff
I hope this serpentine sermon
Someone’s certainty summons
Whether saccharine or sacerdotal
Sacrilege or sacramental
Sacrosanct of sacrificial
It’s a sanguine and a sanitary, sanative, and sanctifying
Sanction of the sanctimony sandbagging our sanctuary.