A Comprehensive* List of All the Ways Zack Snyder’s Superman is Just Like Jesus

*Feel free to add to the list.

Based on one viewing of “Man of Steel,” which, I have to admit first off, I surprised myself by liking a lot.  Superman’s not usually my jam, but that’s a blog for another, debatably nerdier, day.

Yarrrr, thar be spoilers after th’ jump. Duh.

  1. Miraculous circumstances surrounding birth (first natural birth on Krypton in THOUSANDS OF YEARS vs. first immaculate birth IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER, but whatever, close enough)
  2. General messianic complex
  3. Father (Pa Kent or Jor-El, take your pick) / son (surprise, it’s Superman) / holy ghost (Jor-El’s hologram) motif
  4. “K A L E L” is a substitution cipher away from “J E S U S”
  5. This shot:


  6. This shot:.
  7. This shot:.
  8. Did I mention #5 comes right after the line “you can save all of them”?
  9. 33 years old
  10. Created by the Jews
  11. Hot red-headed love interest
  12. Laser vision

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