Hips That Lie

In honor of Jurassic Park‘s 3D IMAX re-release (which is exactly as awesome as you think it is*), my favorite piece of misnomer trivia since Ben Franklin messed up electric current:

The clade Dinosauria is divided into two orders: 1. Saurischia (“lizard-hipped”), including theropods (T. Rex, velociraptor) and sauropods (Apatosaurus), and 2. Ornithischia (“bird-hipped”), including, by definition, just about everything else. The orders are so named because the pelvic structure of each looks like its namesake.

Hilarious twist of evolution: it was the theropods, firm members of the lizard-hips, that evolved into modern birds, re-evolving modern bird hips as they went.

Thus concludes the story of the Perfidious Pelvis, as told by Harry Shakeeley.


* That is to say, incredibly awesome



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