And as the butterfly emerges transformed from its chrysalis, so does this blog emerge from its longest hiatus with a new theme.  Hopefully I won’t let it go as long in between posts in the future…

This is as an appropriate time as any for a hiatus and transformation, though — I’m in the middle of one myself.  Seven months after taking my first full-time job at an American solar company, I found the carpet rather ceremoniously pulled out from underneath me. So now I’m in my own chrysalis, emerging on April 15 as a sort-of-newly employed engineer at a different used-to-be-American solar company and hopefully not as a Kafka-esque insect.  Who knows!

Did I learn anything from this experience?  Eh.  The solar industry’s a rough-and-tumble place (roof-and-bumbled? …not important).  I still believe in what I do, and time to decompress is the greatest luxury around.  Seriously.

I suppose the moral of the story is simple: good luck out there.  You may need it.