A morning realization: for the first time in this blog’s existence, I haven’t updated it in an entire month.  (At least, I think for the first time.  No one fact check me on this, okay?)

I attribute this partly to graduating from and then leaving Stanford — and partly to Diablo III — but mostly to the fact that I’m pretty dumbstruck this whole half-decade college / grad school thing is… over.  Just like that.  It’s been hard to figure out how to sum it up, and every time I’ve tried it’s just not pithy enough or it’s too hackneyed or it’s too sentimental or it’s too glib or it’s just not right.

I think part of the reason I don’t know what to say is I don’t know what I’m moving on to.  I mean, yes, I know the job title and the house address and the salary and the general gist, but life without school is just completely foreign to me.  So I’m in this weird intermission stage of my life: the first act has ended, the curtain falls down as the mortarboard flies upwards; no one’s really sure how the twist will be resolved in the second half; and now the audience is milling around the lobby wondering if the bathroom line is just short enough for them to make it back to their seat for the next act’s opening number.

This is compounded by the fact that I’m sitting in my parents’ house (my life’s lobby), with literally zero responsibilities because my start date is over a month away (milling), and my mother has told me my room’s becoming a guest room so I’m looking at all the stuff Seth ages three to eighteen collected and wondering if any of it is actually worth bringing back with me to the house in northern California I’m moving into in a week (well known to playgoers as the confection stand Jujube dilemma).

Anyway, just like the play, there’s no conclusion here just yet.  Only confusion.

Plus a bit of nostalgia, naturally.  But a bit of excitement, too.

Here’s to the next half decade adventure.


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