The Useful Synonyms

The Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus offers several synonyms for drunk, including intoxicated, inebriated, impaired, and tipsy, along with several more colloquial variants: plastered, smashed, bombed, sloshed, sizzled, sauced, lubricated, wrecked, juiced, blasted, blitzed, fried, wasted, gassed, pissed, tanked, soaked, loaded, trashed, hammered, soused, buzzed, pickled, canned, stewed, and bladdered.  It omits or forgets destroyed and shit-faced, and ignores neologisms such as slammered or shwasted, but goes on to helpfully list a few phrases that would suffice as synonyms, such as far gone, the worse for wear, out of one’s head/skull, in one’s cups, and three sheets to the wind.  It closes the list by presenting the always useful but entirely bombastic crapulous.

This might be the most extensive list of any word in the thesaurus.  Just in case you’re ever at a loss.