Winter Break Tallies

Trips to Vegas taken: 1

Novels read: 5 going on 6

Movies watched: 8

Frames bowled: 30

Golf balls driven: approximately 50

Golf balls driven well: approximately 10

Miles driven: over 1,800

Miles flown: over 300

Miles walked along the Grand Canyon rim: around 2

Games of ultimate frisbee played: 8

Types of guns fired: 5

Holes blown in fire extinguishers with an AK-47: 1

Pieces of sushi eaten: 0 (fail)

Times I missed the first snow seen by Santa Clarita in 22 years because I flew out an hour before it started: 1

TSA rubdowns received: 1

Pairs of sunglasses accrued: 2

Hours wasted after discovering I still own a copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon: more than I care to admit