The strangest thing about having very limited access to the internet for the last week and a half is the sense of isolation that comes with it.  I’m sure it has something to do, too, with living basically alone in a foreign city for the same amount of time, but the lack of internet really compounds it.

For instance, I’d normally be writing this post in the WordPress editor, with Gmail and Facebook open.  People can find me, contact me, and I can contact them.  But now I’m typing this out in a .txt document that I’ll then copy-paste to WordPress as soon as I can connect to the internet with my laptop again.

I’m not sure how people survived without the constant connection of my generation.  The first day I was here I had to internet and no cell phone, and I just felt utterly alone — no way to contact the outside world.  I now have mein Handy, and I guess to say I feel isolated is pretty trite, but what I’m trying to express is that I don’t just feel isolated from people.  I’m anything but homesick — Berlin is amazing — and though I do miss all my friends in the U.S., miss being able to chat online while writing these blogs, miss being able to yell down the hall and either have someone answer me or tell me to shut up Seth why are you screamblogging at three in the morning, miss all the familiar faces and all that, what I really miss is knowing what the hell is going on in the world.  Seriously, I have yet to see a newspaper in English and no internet means I’m not getting any news that way, either.  Basically all I know about world events in the last nine or ten days is that Ricky Martin came out as gay, and that’s because the entertainment news briefs that flash on the U-Bahn told me (that and the fact that “homosexual” is a cognate in English and German).

So in summary, I hope you’re all doing great, I apologize for being involuntarily out-of-touch, and please, someone spend the dollar or two to call me if the world is ending or something.


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  1. I figure if the world is ending, no one’s going to bill me for the phone call anyhow.

    I miss all you revelers, too. Now when I yell down the hallway, people just think I’m weird. :[

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