Here’s to Summer

Here’s to being too busy and/or entertained to blog.

To weekends.

To Thursdays.

To mustard.

To Safeway’s free Wi-Fi.

To Durand’s glorious television.

To bunk beds.

To pretending to cook.

To Gerke’s waffle machine.

To soup.

To visits from around the country.

To visits from around the world.

To roller coasters.

To skateboarding beach hippies.

To vacuum chambers.

To cheap sunglasses.

To free food.

To dim sum in the morning.

To dim sum restaurant’s fountains at night.

To ghost busting.

To Annenberg.

To the psych building.

To Domino’s.

To Domino’s, again.

To brownies.

To truffles.

To midnight.

To sunrise.

To sunset.

To strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

To Jell-O.

To weasel ball.

To four square.

To blimps.

To bowling.

To tennis.

To rock climbing.

To barbecue.

To Jack in the Box.

To the brothers Marx.

To books.

To time.

To life.



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