Spring Break, Night One, in the Only Literary Form Fit to Describe It

The Obsidian Sojourn
An epic in heroic couplets

At dusk, six riders leave for parts unknown
Two chariots to whisk them from their home
On wings of steel they ply the dim I-Five
Prepared to flee exams with one long drive

Apollo herds his sphere into the dark
The last remaining rays of sun doth arc
To glisten, gleam, and shine off Escalades
Their shadows eat the lights, a black crusade

Our heroes travel on in starless night
Stygian roads can hold no fears for Might
Through ’Kland they ride, and for Couv-Town go forth
One half a dozen Knights into the North

But lo! One car of three doth fall behind
Lost in the loops of concrete intertwined
The car’s computer speaks with wisdom true
Machine doth guide them back—and they pursue

The sundered group now sprints on inky tar
Both hurtle north, a chasm splits the cars
But latter car has pride, can’t be outdone
It gallops, bolts, careens and darts and runs

The road is black and limitless tonight
The speeding car is but one streak of white
A single nun that sprints on street unlit
Although she oft gets lost: a bad habit

As car ahead sees errant steed approach
The three aboard prepare for the encroach
The stars shine bright, though pants fall far too soon
And passing car sees not the useless moon.

Convergence of the twain at last complete
Beneath the cloak of Nyx, with haste replete,
The stallions charge again into the night
Two cars, one goal: the border soon in sight

The metal broncos burst from ’twixt the hills
And into Or’gon storm with speed and skill—
Views sylvan are now sable or unseen
The land is hypothetically green

Through jet-black mist the cars now start to cease
Late eventide, from journeys now released
Six Paladins now rest, moon ivory
For soon they start their true debauchery