Super Physics

Let’s take another look at James Harrison’s absolutely ridiculous 100-yard interception return.

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Harrison weighs in at 110 kilograms.  This means that 100-yard run took 98,572.3 N-m of work.  To put that in more friendly terms, that’s the equivalent of pushing a very large and very stubborn bull elephant almost two full meters.  Or about the same as bench pressing a hippopotamus six times.

That prodigious feat aside, it took Harrison just about 16 seconds to traverse the entire field.  This gives him an average speed of almost 13 miles per hour, or 5.715 meters per second.  110 kilograms moving at 5.7 meters per second means Harrison built up 628.65 kg-m/s of momentum.  For comparison, a typical bullet leaving a .44 Magnum has almost 9 kg-m/s of momentum.

In conclusion, damn.