and yet, no.

I don’t understand how the same people can simultaneously be so bravely progressive and so blindly bigoted.

Hell, prop 2 is passing.  And don’t get me wrong — the hippie, tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberal in me voted for it — but this means we are giving animals rights while we take them away from other human beings.  Something is wrong here.



  1. The results on prop 1A have me feeling the same way. 2.5 hour train ride from SF to LA?! Hell yeah! Unfortunately, most renegade college students didn’t bother to read the bill, nor realize that it MAY be in effect by 2030. >< Ooops. Not to mention that the plan for it hasn't even been finalized / approved. Regardless, progress is priceless, and here we go again. Spare some...change?

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