Spring is in the Air

I guess I’ve been productive since the quarter started.  I went from being unemployed to having two jobs in the span of less than two weeks.  Not too shabby.

And my classes rock this quarter.  I guess I’ll miss the CME sequence I took the last two quarters, but choosing not to take it this quarter means NO MATH.  Except for all the math I use in physics and statics.  Sigh.

Statics seems like a sweet class though.  And I get to build a bridge at the end of it.  Good deal.

Let’s see… then there’s IHUM, where in the first lecture about Greek lyric poetry my professor made a joke about blow jobs.  Woo hoo!  Should be fun to read Lysistrata with him.  I’m taking a computer science class to learn Java programming — basically, we program games the entire quarter, which will be good until I finish the game and then procrastinate on the next one by playing the one I’ve finished.  On the other hand, if anyone wants an electronic copy of Yahtzee, talk to me in a month and a half or so.  And to finish out my quarter (I think time should permit it), I’m taking a class on rock climbing.  I’m excited.

SIDE NOTE: the guys across the hall from me have Super Smash Brothers Brawl.  This has been bad for my productivity.