You Just Lost the Game

I, on the other hand, just came in second place.

Well, in a slightly different game.  But it’s still called The Game.  Basic premise: clues that code in ridiculous ways to other locations on campus are hidden around Stanford.  You and a group spend from 6 pm to 6 am finding them.

So after 11 hours of scavenger hunting, ASCII codes, binary, moduli, code breaking, fact checking, pictograms, Morse code, latitude and longitude, acronyms, reversed techno, semaphore, ciphers, M&Ms, British sign language, and US states, we finished at 5:39 am this morning.  And then I slept for eight or nine wonderful hours.

Also, I know a ton about cricket now.


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  1. hey seth, what’s a twenty 20? what’s a leg glance double? how many wickets are there? huh? huh? what’s that? HEY! STOP PUTTING MY LAPTOP DOWN YOUR PANTS.

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