Beef Wellington, Esq.

So snow trip was awesome.  Highlights for those of you poor souls who weren’t there:

1. lim(p–>infinity) sledding = ridiculously fun, where p is the number of people linked together in a giant circle/mass/throng kinda thing.

2. I am dangerous with a snowball on rare occasions.

3. I am almost always dangerous with a large block of ice that looks like snow.

4. I still suck at ice skating.

5. I’m out of real highlights by now, but am continuing this list in order to avoid the physics problem set I have to do.

6. How’ve you been?

7. Seen any good movies lately?

8. The capital of Seychelles is Victoria.

9. The capital of this sentence is “T.”

10.  Is 2 in binary.

11. I should name my kid Beef Wellington.

12. Then he should become an attorney.