The Incredible Weekend of Incredibleness

Hokay, so.  Here’s the weekend.  Man, that is a sweet weekend you might say.

And you’d be right.

Recap (read to the end if you’re going to read at all — it gets better and substantially less nerdy)

Friday morning: Tour of the microfluidics lab in one of the mechanical engineering buildings.  These guys build glass pipes the size of a human hair.  Very cool.

Friday afternoon: Field rehearsal for band.  Meh.

Friday night: Gaieties.  (For those of you who don’t know, that’s the annual Stanford play that mocks Cal, and includes liberal heapings of humor, innuendo, sex, and downright nudity.)  It was brilliant.  But the best part is that the last thing in the show is the band playing — so I came in sweats and a sweatshirt, and when the band charged the stage, I jumped up from my seat in the audience, ripped off my outer, mundane clothes, and ran onstage in full band rally.  Glorious.

Friday night (later): Band get together to, um… finish our costumes.  ‘Nuff said.

Saturday way too early in the morning: Final field rehearsal.  Totally worth it.

Saturday afternoon to night: BIG GAME.  Anyway, there was this football game.  Stanford won.  Arguably more important, each section in the band has a costume for Big Game, and the Bonz were… 300.  Which was damn cold, running around on the field in only a pair of underwear and a cape — but totally worth it.  Pictures soon.

Saturday night: Roots concert.  The Roots give an amazing live show.  Incredible, even.  And one of their best songs of the night was a cover of an antiwar Bob Dylan song peformed by a trio of drums, guitar, and — wait for it — sousaphone.  It had an awesome sousaphone solo, a drum solo that blew my mind, and a guitar solo that took the shattered pieces of my mind and lit them on fire.  Like I said, incredible.

And now… back to work.